Chef on demand

In a few steps you will discover how the Chef o demand works at Domicile

1# Consulting

It often happens that you have to or want to organize a lunch with friends or a special dinner for the person we love but also for a business meeting or to delight your guests and certainly want it to be unforgettable and to do this you need a key point: "You have to delegate the task to us at Mirko's".

2# Relax

While you relax and chat, laugh and enjoy your time with others, WE will be in the kitchen preparing our delicacies, you will smell them and you will be attracted like honey bears just for this reason you will already be proud to have made the right choice in our hands.

3# Suggestions

The Chef will do his best to make sure that your patience is well rewarded (we all know that cooking takes time) but to get the best result needs some information, you must specify in addition to the number of people participating even if you have allergies or intolerances.

4# Menù

Obviously we do not have a fixed menu, our kitchen uses expert chefs who know how to prepare with care and imagination unique dishes every day.

5# Products

The products will be bought according to the type of dish requested and will be absolutely fresh that's why you are requested to book a few days in advance so you can choose the best and organize the menu.

6# Call now

You will receive all the information you need.
We remind you that requests for Chefs on demand must be made at least 48 hours in advance and we reserve the right to accept or not in accordance with our commitments. We are sure that you will understand and for this we thank you in advance.



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